Campus History

Campus History
Campus HistorySparks Elementary opened its doors to 600 students in 1983 with Gayle Holder as its principal and Virginia Lott as its assistant principal. The school, with 86,000 square feet and 12.2 acres, cost $4 million to build and was the 43rd school built in Pasadena ISD. That same year, a portable building, playground and track were added. In 1989, the enrollment was 800 students and since that time, enrollment has steadily decreased to 350 students in 2020. In 1991, the school flag was designed by former student, Danny Barron and sewn by Mrs. Eulitt, a former prekindergarten teacher. The school’s flag made its way into the space shuttle, because the campus librarian’s husband worked at NASA. Around that time, the school’s song was composed by two music teachers at the campus. The teachers taught the song to the students in sign language, as well. 

Sparks Elementary is proud to have a history of long-serving employees. Principal Sherri Means completed her student teaching at the campus and then went on to serve there as a teacher and assistant principal. Until 2021, Sparks has had only two principals, two assistant principals, two head custodians and four secretaries. 

List of Principals

-Gayle Holder 1983-2008
-Sherri Means 2008-2021
-Erica Salazar 2021-present